Simplifying FATCA & CRS

Streamline your FATCA & CRS Compliance with Our AI-Powered Software and Expert Tax Team: Let us Handle Tax Obligations While You Drive Business Growth


Two service tiers

Software as a Service

We provide you with our FATCA & CRS Software platform, allowing you to handle all the FATCA & CRS obligations for you or your clients in an automated and efficient way

Full Service

We take care of all the FATCA & CRS obligations, end-to-end. You can use our software platform for real-time monitoring of the work being performed. This allows you to outsource the work to us for a fixed fee


Whether you are a Financial Institution with your own reporting obligation or a Service Provider reporting with your clients, our software and service will help you with:

FATCA & CRS Classifications
Generation, validation and monitoring of forms (W-8, W-9, etc)
Dashboard to monitor reporting status and deadline per country and FI
Validation of investors data, including TINs
Calculation of amounts to be reported
Identification of potential errors and suggestion of a fix
Generation of XML reports for the relevant tax authorities
Client onboarding
Definition of internal process and policy
Due diligence and consulting services
Possibility to have the software as white-label with your company logo and colors

Our benefits

Save employees' time improving efficiency

Remove compliance and reputational risks

Latest technologies personalized for your company

Clients & Partners

Our numbers

+3 Million

Accounts processed annually

+1 Million

Forms generated annually


XML rejection rate

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